Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blendy Pens Review | How Do the Blendy Pens Work?

You have arrived home at the Blendy Pens Review web site. Here you can find everything that you need to know about the hugely popular, fun and exciting Blendy Pens!

I would like to say that I use these Blendy Pens everyday to add fun to me and my daughter's bonding experiences. Putting a price on the sentimental time that we have spent together using these pens is priceless. Blendy Pens not only creates new colors, but it also creates stronger relationships.

So, what is so great about these blendy pens? They are a high quality marker pen that cna create colors like a regular markers, but also crazy, exciting color blends. Well for The Blendy Pens Activity Kit can create 276 color blends! With this many colors to choose from, how can someone get bored with Blendy Pens? My daughter loves blending purple and red together and creates what she calls "Rurple" haha. She is going through her creative stage of development, and it definitely shows with these pens.

The great thing about Blendy Pens is that it is easy to make new colors and use them to help your picture to come alive. All you do to blend two colors together is to put the tips facing each other into the Color Fuser Chamber. Then you twist and hold. The length that you hold it is directly related to how intense the Blendy Pen color fusion is. You can fuse two colors, then fuse that color with another color to create a completely different color!

The combinations can be endless with Blendy Pens. Not only that, but the fun experiences, quality bonding time, and time-lasting projects make the Blendy Pens a worthwhile investment. Don't waste your time not enjoying time with Blendy Pens :).

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